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Rights of Cohabiting Couples Ireland

In Ireland, cohabiting couples do not have the same legal rights and protections as married couples. However, there are some legal protections available to cohabiting couples in certain circumstances:

  1. Property rights: If a cohabiting couple owns property together, they may have rights to the property based on their contributions to it. This may include a right to a share of the property or the right to stay in the property after the relationship ends.

  2. Maintenance: If a cohabiting couple has children together, one partner may be entitled to maintenance payments from the other partner for the support of the children.

  3. Domestic violence: Cohabiting partners have the same rights to protection from domestic violence as married couples. This includes the right to obtain a safety or protection order against an abusive partner.

  4. Succession: Cohabiting partners do not have automatic rights to inherit from each other. However, if one partner dies without a will, the surviving partner may be able to make a claim on the estate.

  5. Immigration: Cohabiting partners may be able to apply for a visa based on their relationship. However, this can be a complex process and may require evidence of a long-term committed relationship.

It is important for cohabiting couples to be aware of their legal rights and to take steps to protect their interests. This may include drafting a cohabitation agreement or seeking legal advice on how to secure property and financial rights.


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