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- I love the arrogant and beautiful, - pushing a friend under the elbow, he outlined his addictions

Serge. - And it is immediately clear that nothing is hidden in the shorts

The majors laughed in unison, drank to the "beautiful without surprises in shorts" and finally turned to me.

- Thirteen. Map? I insistently repeated, shouting over the music and the squeal of the dancers. To whom

- fun, and to whom - work. We have different interests with the players.

- Alechka, baby, give me your card if you want. You better say girls

call to the table, treat? – Serge opened his black purse, made of the soft skin of some overseas reptile, and looked into it to check if there was enough cash for the game and cocktails for the dancers. For a game, you can, in principle, withdraw from a credit card, but you can’t put a plastic card in a dancer’s panties.

“Two hundred dollars for half an hour and a cocktail for the girl,” I announced the price list to my friends.

and put the king of diamonds on a ten with a triple on Serge's box:

- Twenty three. Bust.

The losing cards flew into the chipper, and the chips moved to me. The Majors didn't even notice



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