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Latest Criminal Legislation in Ireland

There have been several pieces of new criminal legislation enacted in Ireland in recent years. Here are some examples:

  1. Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Act 2017: This legislation provides enhanced rights for victims of crime, including the right to be kept informed about the progress of their case and the right to make a victim impact statement at sentencing.

  2. Criminal Justice (Corruption Offences) Act 2018: This legislation introduced new offenses and penalties for corrupt practices, including bribery, corruption, and white-collar crime.

  3. Domestic Violence Act 2018: This legislation provides enhanced protections for victims of domestic violence, including the creation of new offenses for coercive control and the introduction of new measures to prevent and address domestic violence.

  4. Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) (Amendment) Act 2021: This legislation strengthens the existing laws on money laundering and terrorist financing, including the introduction of new offenses and penalties for non-compliance.

  5. Harassment, Harmful Communications and Related Offences Act 2020: This legislation creates new offenses for online harassment and harmful communications, including cyberbullying and revenge pornography.

These pieces of legislation aim to address various aspects of criminal behavior, including victim protection, corruption, domestic violence, money laundering, and harmful communications. They demonstrate the Irish government's commitment to improving the criminal justice system and protecting the rights of citizens.


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